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This is for female knowledge and male justification

You know the whole theory that guys have a problem when it comes to aiming in the Pee Pot which leads to spills on the toilet seat. I explained to a female friend who brought this up because she was having problems with stains on her toilet seat when her boyfriend pays her a visit or when female friends come visit. I told her that I think the reason for this is because the package, piston, 45, anaconda or what ever you wanna call it, is restricted by the underwear (traditional or boxers) and this blocks our pee hole, when the time comes when we wanna pee, the pee hole might not be fully open and or slightly open to the side which makes the urine move in that direction, and which makes the urine go to an unintended direction (toilet seat, or floor).

So ladies its not that we have a problem with our aim it’s just that our guns can sometimes malfunction. “Good aim is useless if your gun don’t work right”
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