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The Effects of the New Blogger

Ok so gone are the days where everybody was crying and mourning about blogger not having categories which is now called labels. It is safe to say that: only a handful of bloggers on blogspot are thinking of migrating to other services like Wordpress
.Blogger is now the easiest blogging service to operate and is the best in town because of the upgrade.

Although this upgrade makes blogger cool and all it has some disadvantageous for people who have been using blogger for quit some time and who are adsense uses.

The problem is that on the new blogger makes it is hard to customize the blogs appearance by adding Css and Java scripts in the template section. With regard to adsense it is now impossible to add the adsense code in the middle of the post because of the restrictions and limitation. This as most bloggers who have been on adsense for sometime means less clicks which equals less money.

The good thing about blogger is the discretion they made available to bloggers.You can choose whether to use the old template or to use the new one. The only problem with using the old is that labels will have to be added manually which I will discuss in a future post, Links will also have to be added manually which is not that bad


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