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If you are new to blogging I got some advice I would like to share with you on the chose of template styles or layouts to use. Blogger currently offers two types of blog layouts: The old blog layout and the new easy to use one. Bloggers have the chose between these two template styles.

If you wondering on which template is the best for you, you first have to look at your blogging needs. If you simply want to blog with out tempering with the CSS or the HTML, that much the blog layout you should choose is the new one where everything is a bit easy to do. If on the other hand you want to have the full capability of customizing your blog and being able to add adsense in the middle of the blog,s post I would recommend that you revert to the old template this wont limit you in many ways compared to the new blogger layout.

Choosing the new blogger layout style does not mean you stuck with it, you can always revert to the old one once you a bit experienced and you want more control over your blog.

Word of note: There are numerous articles on customizing the old blogger that have been written by other you can search for what ever help you need online and you’ll find it.


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